Beats Article

Answering questions:

1.Sum up the varied reasons why the Beats headphones have been such a success in terms of sales. (this should be a detailed paragraph – note: you will find reasons on both pages of the article 

The reasons why Beats headphones has been such a success in terms of sales is that technology was improving but sound was being left behind and Beats filled in that void. Beats were also a success due to their audio quality and design. In addition big celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber and LeBron James were lending their names to headphone models by Beats. By using celebrities Dr. Dre was able to reach out to variety of different fans to persuade them into buying beats headphones. Another reason is that a lot of famous celebrities have endorsed this product like Lady Gaga in her hit music video “Poker Face” and LeBron James in a NBA locker room with the product around his neck. This helped reached out to more people to buy this product.

2.What are Beats doing to maintain market dominance?

To maintain their market dominance, beats are expanding into audio-systems for cars, computers, smartphones and wireless bluetoooth speakers called the Beats Pill.

Analysing Target Audience

Advert 1 – Instant coffee                                                                                   coffe print advert                                                                                                                        This advert is mainly at succeeder’s who are high earners and have status. However this could be aimed at aspirer’s who want to be seen more wealthy than they actually are. As this coffee is expensive, its aimed at succeeders who have the money the money to buy this coffee. The Aspirers would want to fit in with the upper class so they would buy the expensive coffee. George Clooney is featured in this advert as he is a celebrity who would buy expensive items. His expensive suit represents high status and wealth. This makes the coffee look more expensive than it is.

Advert 2 – non alcoholic drink                                                                                                                        516SfZwtkOL._SY300_                                                                                                                          This is advertising Lucozade. I think that this advert would appeal to a large audience as lucozade is a well known brand that is affordable for everyone including people at the lowest level of income. This is more aimed at people who get tired easily and have low levels of energy. This advert would appeal to children as it features a child that looks tired and she is being given a glass of lucozade by her mother. Children are young and they would play,run around a lot which lowers their energy levels so they become tired. To get more energy they would drink the lucozade as the quote says “..replaces lost energy” which connotes it restores your energy.

Advert 3 – car advert                                                                                                                                          car                                                                                                                      This advert is advertising a subaru car. This is aimed mainly at people of the middle and lower middle class (B,C1).This is because people of the middle and lower middle class have a suitable salary from which they could buy this car from their disposable income. I believe that this vehicle appeals to males more than females as the advert is using the colour blue which is stereotypical to men as when we see the colour blue we believe its more of a manly colour and that the blue represents the men. This advert is aimed to large families as the car’s size is quite large as shown in the advert.

Analysing Mise-En-Scene

the-bill-shots-1-638I have chosen to analyse scene 1/16.  In this scene, which features 4 different shots. From these four shots we can imply that something dramatic is happening, like being held hostage or being victims to an attack.

Shot 1 is a two-way shot. The shot has been taken from a low angle. Low angle shots empathise power and strength which the man to the left has, as he’s more dominant than the people on the floor. It also creates tension between these two characters. From the low angle shot, we can see the heads of other characters sitting or crouching down on the floor as we can see a hint of the bottom of a window. They might be crouching in fear of their lives. The first characters facial expression shows hatred and anger while the second characters facial expression shows us distress. To make the scene more threatening, low key lighting is used to create shadows on the villains face. The shot creates a dangerous atmosphere. Also that since the window is out of reach, it gives us some idea that maybe the characters are trapped.

shot 2 has been taken at a slightly high angle which makes the man vulnerable and powerless. We can see a man with a gun being pointed at the back of his head. He appears to be crouching as the man behind him is standing with his gun is in level with his stomach and the victims head. Also from the high angle shot, we can see the hint of the bottom of a window which suggests he is crouching. His facial expression shows he is distressed and scared with what’s happening. The man with the gun seems to gripping the victims head so he doesn’t turn around. This creates tension between the characters. The shot is crowded which creates a dangerous atmosphere. Also the victim is trapped as he fears for his life as the man behind him could press the trigger any moment which makes the scene more tense. Low key lightening is used to create dark shadows on the side of the victims face as it appears the light is coming behind the man with the gun.

shot 3  is an over the shoulder shot which has been taken at slightly a low angle. The man on the left appears to be crouching or sitting on the floor as we can see in the background two desks lamps sitting on desks. We can imply that the man on the left has slightly more power than the other man as he is looking down to him while  slightly crouching down to talk to him. The man on the right, his facial expression tells us that he is shocked and distressed. His body language shows he is tensed while the man on the left, his body language is more relaxed and calm. Low key lightening is used to make a character look mysterious by shading sections of the face and body. This shot creates a mysterious and tense atmosphere.

Shot 4 is a mid-shot that has been taken at a slightly low angle.The man on the far right whose arm and shoulder is to be seen, seems as if he has more power than the three girls behind him. I can tell this because of the way the girls look at him with uncertain and scared looks. The girl in the middle looks shocked as if she saw something bad happen. This creates tension in the scene. The girls body language is all tensed as they are frightened. This low angle shot reveals that the man on the right is talking to some one on the left and that the conversation might have been heard by the girls and they are shocked and distressed to hear it. The shot is crowed which creates a harsh and dangerous atmosphere. The low key lightening adds suspense to the shot and tension.